Circuits mediating feature selectivity

matt spitzer mwspitze at
Tue Aug 16 18:21:24 EST 1994

I am looking for examples of cases in mammalian sensory systems where the
specific neural circuitry responsible for generating feature selectivity
has been identified.  I am already familiar with examples in the auditory
brainstem and am looking for examples from other sensory systems for
comparison.  To clarify this request, I am specifically interested in cases
where the anatomical substrates of neural circuits responsible for
generating selectivity to a specific stimulus attribute (i.e. orientation
selectivity, direction selectivity, etc) are known. I am not looking for
models that can account for physiological findings, but for which the
anatomical substrate has not been demonstrated.  Feel free to respond by
e-mail or post responses here, if you think the topic would be of general
interest to the group.  Thank you.

-Matt Spitzer

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