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Fri Aug 19 10:20:00 EST 1994

***** Postdoctoral Position Available *****

In Turku, Finland, for 24 months starting in the fall of 1994.

Work will mostly include in situ hybridization using double labeling
of alpha-2-adrenoceptor mRNAs and marker genes to identify neuronal
phenotypes expressing different receptor subtypes (35-S and DIG-
labeled cRNA probes).  Experiments will also be conducted with
already existing transgenic mouse strains and subtype-specific
receptor antisera.  Two or three Ph.D. students will be involved
in the project.  

Turku is a bilingual city (Finnish and Swedish).  The position is
at the University of Turku, Department of Pharmacology, with modern
laboratory facilities in BioCity, an academic-industrial
biotechnology complex.  The working language is English.  

For more information, please see Mol. Brain Res. 21:133-149 (1994)
and contact:

Dr. Mika Scheinin 
BioCity, Tykistokatu 6A
4th floor
FIN-20520 Turku, Finland

telefax:  +358-21-633-7000
E-mail:   mschein at

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