Question about histochemical labeling method w/ 'latex balls'

Barry B. Sandrew Ph.D barrysandrew at
Sun Aug 21 13:14:23 EST 1994

Andreas Rose <Andreas.Rose at> writes:
>She is looking for information on the histochemical marking method using  
>'latex balls (globules?)'. Does anyone know of any papers or references using 
>and explaining this method? She is working on the brains of cockroaches and 
Been a long time since I was into this but I published a paper
in Brain Res I think around 85 or 86 using Rhodamine labeled latex
microspheres.  Also Wayne Colins did some excellent work with the
label in rabbits and published in 86 or 87.  Try Index Medicus for
Sandrew or Colins around those years and check the references for
a methods publication.
	Sorry I can't be of more help.

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