Question about histochemical labeling method w/ 'latex balls'

larry katz larry at
Mon Aug 22 15:51:56 EST 1994

Re: Question about histochemical  labeling method w/ 'latex balls'

I am the originator, with Andreas Burkhalter and Bill Dreyer, of the
"latex balls" technique, which we call fluorescent latex microspheres or
"beads".  This technique was originally described in Katz et al.,
"Fluorescent latex microspheres as a retrograde neuronal marker for in
vivo and in vitro studies of visual cortex" Nature 310, 498-500 (1984);
we added another color in 1990 , Katz and Iarovici "Green fluorescent
latex microspheres: a new retrograde tracer" Neuroscience 34, 511-520
(1990).  These beads are available only from Lumafluor, Inc. New City NY
(914-638-6719); the beads sold by Molecular Probes are *not* the same,
and as far as I know no one has successfully used them for serious
tracing studies (if this is not true I'd like to know). Full disclosure:
I am a consultant for Lumafluor, but also a collaborator with Molecular
Probes. To my knowledge "my" beads haven;t been used in invertebrates but
they might work.  I'd be happy to answer any questions, preferably by
email (larry at

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