Brainiac! Human Neuroanatomy Software

MedMult medmult at
Mon Aug 22 20:23:04 EST 1994

  We publish a software program called Brainiac! that I think many readers
of this newsgroup may be interested in. Brainiac! is an interactive "point
and click" neuroanatomy atlas that runs under Microsoft Windows 3.1 on IBM
PC compatible computers. There are over 50 brain images (Pal-Weigert
stained brainstem sections, coronal, horizontal, and surface gyri). There
is testing with scoring as well as a review mode. The latest version (1.5)
includes functional information for every structure as well as Brodman
maps in the gyri module. Hundreds of structures are identified in the
atlas. If you are interested in obtaining more information or a demo via
the Internet, America Online or Compuserve, please email us back. 

Glen Frick
Medical Multimedia Systems

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