3D MRI imaging

MedMult medmult at aol.com
Mon Aug 22 20:11:05 EST 1994

<<I would like to clarify a prior query I had put forth about "functional 
MRI"; we are not interested in doing MR spectroscopy but rather are 
interested in knowing the least expensive software that will run on PC 
based hardware (power PC chips, intel or Dec alpha) that will allow us to 
do 3-D reconscruction of brain MRI images.  We know of packages designed
run on workstations (ie Sun Sparc, Silicon Graphics, etc.) but these are 
all very expensive and will only work on a particular hardware platform.  
We have a sinking feeling that nothing may be out there yet.>>

Don't despair!  Check out Slicer/Dicer by Spyglass Inc. I've been using
it, and found it to be an excellent program for the price ($499 until end
of August). 

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