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Wed Aug 24 09:39:45 EST 1994

Dear Netters,

Since I am almost totally ignorant on medical issues, this may or may not 
be the appropriate newsgroup to ask this question. But in that case, please
provide directions to the appropriate places.

I am posting this on behalf of a friend of our family. She is in her mid-
thirties and has become fully blind about 5 years ago (probably by a
hereditary cause). Although she is now fully blind, some time ago light
flashes started to appear, almost like disco lights. This phenomenon is
very disturbing for her. Recently these light flashes have started to appear
more often, increasing her problems.

In the Netherlands this phenomenon is apparently very rare, and at the moment
no help is available from the medical world. Not even a lead to the cause
of this phenomenon is known to us. 
She is slowly getting desparate and needs help.

My questions are:
 - does anyone recognize this phenomenon?
 - could anyone provide any leads to more information about this phenomenon,
   what causes it, and, if anything, what could be done about it?
 - could anyone provide leads to sources of relevant information, which
   medical discipline might be of help?
 - is there a support group for people with this problem?  

ANY leads and help will be appreciated very much.
Please reply to my email-address.

Thanks for your attention,
        Ronald Jimmink
        R.A.Jimmink at
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