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A postdoctoral position is available in my laboratory to study the
neuronal and genetic basis of behavior in the nematode C. elegans.  I
have recently succeeded in making cell-attached and whole-cell patch
clamp recordings from neurons in this classical genetic system.  I am,
therefore, seeking a postdoctoral colleague with extensive experience
in patch clamp electrophysiology to study neuronal function in
identified neurons in wild-type and mutant animals.

Specific projects include: 

* Analysis of voltage and ligand gated single-channel currents in
neurons identified by transgenic expression of green fluorescent
protein (Chalfie et al. Science, 263:802-5, 1994).

* Analysis of active and passive electrical properties of neurons in
circuits contributing to normal and mutant behaviors.

* Characterization of the response of chemosensory and mechanosensory
neurons to physiological inputs and the role of these neurons in
orientation and reflex behavior.

These projects are part of a wider effort to understand the neuronal
basis of behavior in C. elegans using a combined genetic,
electrophysiological, and theoretical approach.  Data from the
electrophysiological studies are used to create realistic neural
network models of C. elegans circuits that control particular
behaviors.  The function of the model networks is analyzed using both
conventional computer simulation and "real-world" simulation in which
the model network is used to control a simple autonomous vehicle.
Thus, my laboratory offers an attractive, interdisciplinary
environment for a patch-clamp electrophysiologist seeking to gain
experience in theoretical neurobiology.

My laboratory is part of The Institute of Neuroscience of the
University of Oregon, an interdisciplinary group of twenty-two faculty
members from the Departments of Biology, Psychology, Chemistry, Human
Movement Sciences, and Computer Science, whose diverse interests range
from the cellular and molecular basis of neuronal development to human
cognition.  The University of Oregon is located in Eugene, a
university town with affordable housing set in the verdant Willamette
River valley.  Eugene provides a wealth of cultural (and
counter-cultural!) diversions plus easy access to the recreational
areas of the Pacific Coast and the Cascade Mountains.

I can guarantee one year of support, with support in subsequent years
negotiable.  Candidates should send a CV, publication list, and the
names of three references by email to job at as soon
as possible.  The position is available immediately.

Shawn Lockery
Assistant Professor
Institute of Neuroscience
University of Oregon

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