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I am currently working on the catalytic activities of AChE and was
wondering if anyone has assessed the recombinant AChE for the putative
peptidase activity.  Further, does anyone know if antibodies to G-2 and G-4
isoforms exist and if they can be purchased ?

Thanks a lot for the help,

Daniel B. Wilson


  Although natural AChE was once thought to have peptidase activity
  (perhaps hydrolysis of substance P), it now seems that this is
  not so.  Here's a reference:

   Checler, F., Grassi, J., Vincent, J. P. 1994. Cholinesterases
   display genuine arylacylamidase activity but are totally devoid
   of intrinsic peptidase activities. Journal of Neurochemistry

  Would you expect an activity in the recombinant enzyme that isn't
  present in the real thing?
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