INQ: Synaptic Models

Dave Beeman dbeeman at
Thu Dec 1 16:17:00 EST 1994

In article <BILL.94Nov28150159 at>, bill at (Bill Skaggs) writes:
|> Fortunately for all of us doing compartmental modeling, Michael Hines
|> worked out, a few years back, an efficient implicit integration method
|> for tree structures.  It's stable and first order in the number of
|> compartments -- altogether very nice.  It is incorporated in his
|> Neuron simulator and several other biophysically realistic simulators,
|> and is described in the paper, "Efficient computation of branched
|> nerve equations", M. Hines, Int J Bio-Med Comp 15:69-76 (1984).

The original posting mentioned an implementation of dendro-dendritic
synapses.  You might also take a look at the GENESIS simulator, which has
the Hines method as an option, and also has a dendro-dendritic synapse as
one of the basic simulation components.  (For information on GENESIS, you
can email genesis at

Dave Beeman

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