Has anyone used CT-HRP as a retrograde neuronal tracer?

Lance Ladic ladic at cs.ubc.ca
Thu Dec 1 22:31:14 EST 1994

If anyone who reads this newsgroup has used CT-HRP as a retrograde tracer, I 
would very much like to hear from you.

Also, if anyone knows of a source that supplies commercially manufactured 
CT-HRP and antibodies to the complex (anti-CT or anti-HRP?, preferrably not 
raised in rabbit) please let me know.  While I know that the conjugated tracer 
complex can be visualized via an enzymatic reaction for HRP, I would like to 
see if I can use the tracer for some multi-label fluorescence work.  I have 
checked the (few) catalogues around my Lab and have had little luck finding 
any suppliers for any of these items.

Any help (as always!) is much appreciated.



Lance Ladic
Dept. of Physiology
University of B.C.
Vancouver, Canada
ladic at cs.ubc.ca

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