Brain Injury

David Anderson danderso at
Fri Dec 2 13:50:24 EST 1994

I'm a fellow in neuropathology and I might be able to provide some 
information regarding generic brain injury.  I think it unlikely that a 
lesion which has existed for ten years (resulting from his accident) 
would respond to therapeutic measures at this point.  In general, lesions 
resulting from trauma resolve over the course of months (or sometimes 
years) depending on the placement and severity of the injury, but there 
should have been some improvement before this time if indeed the lesion 
were resolving.  

The second point, which may be the most important, is that he should have 
a thorough neurologic exam including a brain imaging study.  We often see 
patients (after death) in which we find another cause for their clinical 
symptoms which was not suspected while they were still alive.  It would 
be a tragedy for this gentleman to have a treatable illness which has 
thusfar been attributed to his accident.  Although it seems likely that 
his symptoms are related to his accident, you really don't know for sure 
until you look.

Dave Anderson

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