Q: 'Hydragene'-memory enhancement?

Eric Wassermann ewass at helix.nih.gov
Mon Dec 5 12:51:18 EST 1994

In article <1994Dec5.081431.34522 at cc.usu.edu>, sl241 at cc.usu.edu wrote:

> To Whomever can help me,
>    I am a student at Utah State University. Recently I was told of a new drug
> "Hydragene" which is supposed to stop the ageing process of the brain but more
> importantly, it is also used to enhance memory function (especially short term
> memory.) I have been trying diligently to research this phenomenon, but I have
> found no available information. I have not found a doctor who could help me,
> and our medical stacks contain no information. I am interested mainly in what
> the chemical make-up of this 'wonderdrug' is and how it interacts with
> nuerological biochemistry. 

I believe you are referring to a drug called Hydergine, an ergot cocktail
marketed by Sandoz for many years which is supposed to increase cerebral
blood flow in individuals with vascular disorders and to reverse
dementia.  I am aware of no evidence that it actually does either.  

Eric Wassermann

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