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>Hello everyone,
>    I am doing some research on application of new nerve cells.  Is
>there any information about cloning nerve cells or making artificial
>nerves?  The reason I would like to know is the possibility of replacing
>damaged nerves with new cloned cells or artificial cells.  Let me know if
>there are some research going on with this subject.

Prior to the Society of Neuroscience annual meeting in Miami a couple of weeks 
ago I received a pamflet with the following information:
'First Human neurons produced in vitro:
Stratagene has introcued the first terminally differntiated, postmitotic human 
central nerovus system cells to be produced in large quantities in teh 
laboratory. These hNT neurons are derived from Ntera2/D1 (NT2) committed 
neuronal precursor cells via a 6- to 8-week process that includes treatment 
with retinoic acid and mitotic inhibitors ...
'Unlimited quantities of these human neurons are now available, eliminationg 
the need to obtain scare human primary tissue'

Numbers are:
phone: 800 424 5444
fax: 619 5400 0045
e-mail: tech_service at

Hope that will help you

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