Minimum exposure time?

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>I've been trying to determine what is the minimum presentation time of a
>visual stimulus that will allow a human observer to extract *some*....
...hmmm, I've got a question that may be related to exposure time (although
I've got no answer to yr query...)  I was at museum in boston 2 years ago, and
there was a visual illusion trick that really interested me, but I couldn't
find out what it was called (to look up more information)...the illusion went
like this:  there's a straight vertical line of bright lights on a wall some
30 feet or more away, and if you just look at the line straight on, it seems
to be flickering, but doing nothing else...the illusion comes in when you just
glance across the line.  By moving your eyes quick enough, an image is formed
on the retina.  There was a 'rocking' mirror that was used to catch the image
for those that couldn't get the eye movement necessary...
Anyway, I was wondering what this effect is called, where I can get more info,
just some pointers for exploration...
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