Minimum exposure time?

Jordan L.K. Schwartz jlks at
Thu Dec 8 19:53:38 EST 1994

hucka at (Michael Hucka) writes:

>I've been trying to determine what is the minimum presentation time of a
>visual stimulus that will allow a human observer to extract *some*
>information.  Of course, this is going to be very task- and
>experience-dependent, but for recognizing simple forms or making simple
>discriminations, what is generally accepted as being a valid lower limit on
>exposure time?

It depends what kind of task you're talking about.  Murphy & Zajonc
(1993), to name one of many, used an affective priming technique that
allowed subjects to reliably extract emotional information from a
photograph in as little as 4 ms.  Subjects were not consciously aware (see
Greenwald, 1992, for a good discussion of consciousness) of having seen
the stimuli, but nevertheless were affected by it... 

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