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Thor Eysteinsson thoreys at
Sat Dec 10 00:12:55 EST 1994

In <3canij$8s1 at> hayashi at (Yukako Hayashi) writes:

>I have a noise problem now. I am doing patch-clamp experiment. My setting 
>equipments are Nikon microscope, Axon 200A, Axon TL-1 interface, Axon 
>pclamp and so on. Even turning on the only Axon 200A amplifier, I have 
>big white noise(about 0.6pA)(conditions are; model cell mode is patch, 
>amp mode is patch described as the tutrial for setting in mamual).
>I have had big frustration for three days.
>If you had same ploblem and know the answer, let me know your tips, please!!
I have essentially the same sort of set up as yours. Get noise, but not as
big and continuous as this.  Is the Faraday cage complete and the model
cell in it? Tried wraping it in aluminum foil and ground that while
testing the equipment? Are all BNC cables you are using on the amplifier
OK, i.e. shielded properly (if you are using old ones you should check
them, particularly ones with soldered connections)? No ground loops and
the ground conncetion acceptable (in some buildings it is very difficult
to get a decent ground, i.e. by connection to plumbing etc.)?  These are
just some of the things I would look at now.  Noise is always a pain, but
good luck,
Thor Eysteinsson
Dept. of Physiology
University of Iceland.

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