Language and MEG

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Mon Dec 12 08:27:20 EST 1994

A fairly recent Scientific American article [Raichle, Marcus E. 1994. 
Visualizing the Mind. Scientific American 270(4):  36] described the
different techniques being used to investigate language organization 
in the brain. The trend of research was said to be towards the 
the possibility of measuring the time it takes for different brain areas 
to exchange information. The main difficulty was the speed of neuronal 
activity with signals from one part of the brain able to travel to another 
in 0.01 second or less. Raichle said that the only methods that responded 
quickly enough were electrical recording techniques including 
magnetoencephalography (MEG), which measures the magnetic fields generated 
by electrical activity within the brain. MEG could capture neural activity 
too brief to be detected by PET or MRI. 

Is this line of research being discussed or reported on any Internet
group? What are the most recent developments, particularly in
relation to language? Any information gratefully received.

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