Neurobiology of Fear

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>Fair enough.  Just out of curiosity, are there any candidates for an
>endogenous ligand that might act at the benzodiazepine site to regulate the
>GABA receptor?

In the book "Panic Anxiety and its Treatments", edited by G.L. Klerman,
etc., under the subheading "Abnormal endogenous ligand therory", the
authors give the following references:

Barbaccia MC, Coste E, Ferrero P, et al: Diazepam binding inhibitor.
Arch Gen Psychiatry 43:1143-1147, 1985

Britton KT, Page M, Baldwin H, et al: Anxiolytic activity of steroid
anesthetic alphaxalone. J Pharmacol Exp Ther 258(1):124-129, 1991.
Identify the naturally occurring pregnane steroids 
3 alpha, 5 alpha-tetrahydroxycorticosterone and 
3 alpha-hydroxy 5 alpha-dihydroprogesterone.

Hope this helps,

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