HRP tract tracing advice required.

Rosalie Labelle rlabelle at
Fri Dec 16 15:39:37 EST 1994

Want small localized HRP injections but I'm having problems with poor
transfer (poor labelling of cell bodies). Procedure has entailed
giving extracellular iontophoretic injections (5 microAmperes positive
alternating current for 10 min.) of Sigma 6 HRP (20% w/v in distilled
water). Following 2 day transfer time, perfuse with 0.9% saline, fix
with 10% formalin, rinse with 0.9% saline 1 hour later. Slice and
store in cryoprotectant (sucrose, PVP, ethylene glycol). Wash with PBS
and react with TMB method. 

What am I doing wrong?

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