Parkinson's treatment sucess?

MOB21 mob21 at
Tue Dec 20 01:05:57 EST 1994

The statment about pallidotomies is essentially true... but is incomplete.
 Patients who exhibit Parkinson's symptoms are not a homogenous group. 
There are a number of pathologic disorders which may give Parkinsonian
symptoms.  Thus, the method of choosing patients for this procedure is
crucial.  My understanding about the successes of this procedure is that
some patients do indeed get a miraculous result.  Long term follow up
however is pending.  It seems though that the patients who are most
severly affected by Parkinson's are the ones that benefit least from this
lesional procedure.  Currently, there is a neurosurgeon a Loma Linda
University in California that is performing this procedure (but his name
eludes me).  I'll try to find out and let you know.
Michael O'Brien

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