pipette pullers for patch clamp

Gerry S. Oxford gsox at med.unc.edu
Wed Dec 21 08:30:42 EST 1994

In article <theos-1912941756130001 at dier2mac1.sci.kun.nl> theos at sci.kun.nl (Theo Schoenmakers) writes:
>Does anyone out there have something to say to the Narishige pipette
>puller PB7? I know there has been a thread about pipette pullers a while
>ago, but the main conclusion of that thread was that Sutter's pullers are
>the best. That might be, but we don't have the money to buy them. So we're
>looking to cheaper alternatives that still provide a good, reproducible
>pipette quality? Does the Narishige puller fit the bill, or are there yet
>other pullers we might consider for the budget (let's say up to ~$3000).
	I have had experience (brief) with two PB7 units and experience
(extensive) with two PP-83 models.  I can recommend the PP-83 without
hesitation.  The PB7 ("discount green" color) is a "copy" of the PP-83
that was developed by Narishige America as opposed to the Japanese based
limb of the company (long story).  The two PB7s that I encountered had a
tendency to warm up a bit (the body, not the coil) and were a bit
inconsistent.  A nice feature of that unit, however, is the adjustable
weights that attach to the front.
	The PP83s that I have give very reproducible pipettes for the life
of a given coil.  As the coil wears out, the pulls become inconsistent and
require higher current settings.  We make our own coils from nickel-
chromium wire as we prefer 2.5 rather than 3.5 turns to steepen the
taper.  Contact Narishige Japan for info on the PP83 unit.
	I would guess you'd be pleased with either unit and they are

Gerry Oxford

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