Looking for book on neuroscience lab techniques

M. Leitch M.M.Leitch at ncl.ac.uk
Wed Dec 21 04:11:48 EST 1994

I am not sure what "neuroscience techniques" you wist to learn about.

If you want to learn about measuring neurotransmitters and their 
metabolites in CNS tissue and plasma/blood then I would start

High Performance liquid Chromatography in Neuroscience Research
edited by-	R.Bruce Holman, Alan Cross, Michael H. Joseph
Pub		Wiley
isbn 0-471-93813-0

For a more diverse approach,e.g. Preparation of synaptosomes,cell 
culture, immunocytochemistry,neurorecepters,second messangers.....
Neurochemistry  a practical approach
edited by-	A.j.Turner, H.S.Bachelard
Pub		irl press
isbn 1-85221-027-3

Hope this is some use.


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