Does anyone have a brain GIF?

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Wed Dec 21 05:51:25 EST 1994

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> >If anyone has a GIF or a JPG of the brain in cross sections could you 

You've probably heard of the Visible Human Project. If not, in short, it's
a convicted murderer who was executed by lethal injection last year and
while still warm, had extensive MRI and CT scans of the body from head to
toe in 1mm slices(!).  The images (all1878) of them are in an archive
(totalling 42Gig) accessable through www.  Details and pictures are at

p.s. I obtained my info from New Scientist 3 Dec 1994 if you want a more
detailed article (it is still only short though).

I hope this is of use to you.

William von Witt

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