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>>>Hello Netters,
>>>I wish to detect a receptor at the synapses of the mammalian brain.  I want to
>>>separate receptors at the synapse from those inside the cell (ie. those in the 
>>>ER, Golgi, or microsomes).  If you know of a reference that talks about
>>>purifying synaptic proteins, please let me know.  Thanks!   
>>Any general biochemistry cookbook has a recipe for isolating synaptosomes. 
>>However, hear is a couple of references to a reasonable procedure. Neuron 
>>9:929-942, 1992. PNAS 91:3954-3958, 1994.
>This is the right answer to the wrong question I think - unless the intent
>is to isolate presynaptic receptors.  As I understand the post the author
>is after postsynaptic receptors that are inserted into the surface membrane. I
>do not have any answers but can we try again?
>Elis Stanley

The Neuron paper describes isolating postsynaptic NMDA receptors from 
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