an166697 at anon.penet.fi an166697 at anon.penet.fi
Sun Dec 25 08:56:23 EST 1994

My MRI shows a ruptured disk at L4 L5.  Last year I injured my back on a part
time job,  so my comp rate was real low.  I just re-injured my back at a much
higher rate,  but the injury is not as severe.  What I want to know,  is
there a way to fake the reflex and other test that I will be given?  Right
now,  I have a DTR of +3 in both knees and ankles.  Last year it was 2 in my
left leg.   I still have radicular pain down my left leg.

Again,  how can I lower my reflexs on these tests?  I want to go ahead and
have the Micro-disc-ec-tomy at this higher comp rate now when I have the

My MRI is not marginal,  it show a defenet rupture.  
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