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The Neuro-Psych Group and its neuro-psych mailing list were established to
extend the activities of InterPsych into the area of clinical neuro-psych.
The purpose of this list is to provide an international forum for for 
the professional discussion of all aspects of clinical neuro-psych.
Clinical neuro-psych is broadly defined as to include everything that is
usually considered to be neuropsychiatry and/or neuropsychology.
In addition to the mailing list, the Neuro-Psych Group is planning
a series of on-line real-time conferences during which participants from
various parts of the world may interact via Internet's IRC service to 
discuss recent developments in clinical neuro-psych.  An Electronic
Journal of Neuro-Psych is also in the planning stages.
To allow for the free exchange of information between professionals,
ONLY psychologists, physicians, other health care professionals, and 
graduate students in health-related fields, may subscribe to this mailing
There are no fees involved in subscribing to the list.
Using any computer system that can send e-mail via Internet, you may
start the subscription process by sending me an e-mail informing me of 
your desire to subscribe to the Neuro-Psych Mailing List.  Please 
outline your education and present professional activities.  Address
your e-mail message to me at one of the e-mail addresses below.
If you have any questions about InterPsych's Neuro-Psych Group or the
Neuro-Psych Mailing List, please e-mail them to me.

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