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On 28 Dec 1994, TISSERANT Marc wrote:

> 	I would like to get a list of DATABASES which stored the produced 
> results of the studies about the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM.
> [...]
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Look into the Human Brain Project (HBP), sponsored by a dozen or so NIH 
institutes.  The ultimate goal is to produce an information system, that 
incorporates multiple data types, incl. raw data, graphic images, 
published articles with enriched data sets, etc, with a useable and 
powerful search front-end.  Refer also to Stan Watson's proposed Postmortem 
Psychiatric Community System (Univ Michigan), which will hopefully get 

You should be able to find the HBP request for proposals thru the NIH 
gopher.  If not, I may have a copy somewhere.

Steve Daviss
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