Trigeminal Neuralgia

biology chairperson zzcpbi at
Wed Jan 5 16:53:13 EST 1994

While an interested reader of this list and a biologist, I am not a
neuroscientist and not well versed in neurology.  I have a good friend,
22 year old female, who has been suffering with a sudden onset of facial
pain, primarily on the right side of the head.  A visit to a local 
neurologist produced the diagnosis of idiopathic trigeminal neuralgia and
said that with medication the symptoms should disappear and within a 
short time period the medication could be reduced, then stopped.  Only if
the symptoms re-appeared would there be any more detailed investigations
(a MRI revealed no problems).

My question is: What could trigger an irritation of this nerve and is it
 likely to return?

Are there any books or articles that might be use in understanding this
condition that would be useful for an educated laymen?

Thanks for your help.

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