Subcellular localization in the brain

reenila at reenila at
Fri Jan 7 13:58:21 EST 1994


I am interested in protein localization studies concerning the rat brain and I
am looking for the information about subcellular distribution of rat striatal

In the litterature there are several proteins which have been used as markers of
different cells and organelles. Also, some enzyme activities are enriched in
different organelles when the tissue is homogenized and fractionated by

I would be glad, if anyone could give suggestions of certain markers (or
references to them) concerning the striatal tissue. As in the other parts of
the brain, there are many types of cells including different types of neurons.
Maybe some enzymes for the metabolism of the neurotransmitters are suitable for
this kind of localization studies. What is Your opinion?

Succesfull year 1994 for everyone


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