melatonin antibody?

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>Does anybody know if there is an antiserum/monoclonal 
>against melatonin?
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>Krister Eriksson
>Dept. Biol. ]A Univ.
>Turku, Finland


Linscott's Directory lists:

Rabbit anti-melatonin
  Amac Inc. (Maine, USA) 207-854-0426; fax 207-854-0116
  Biodesign Inc. (Maine, USA) 207-967-4173; fax 207-967-4014
  Immunotech S.A. (France) fax 33-91412794 (agent in Finland is
    Immunogiagnostic Oy, fax 358-1722039
  Serotec Ltd. (UK) fax 08675-3899 (in Finland Sulab Oy, fax 358-0524124)

Sheep anti-melatonin
  Guildhay Antisera Ltd (UK) fax 0483-574828

Disclaimer: I have no connection with any of the above companies, in fact,
until I looked them up in Linscott's I did not know they existed!

If you are not aware of Linscott's Directory it is a great resource.  If
there is interest I will post information in a separate article.

As far as your question about how it might be produced, I have no idea :-).

Hope this helps

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