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Fri Jan 7 19:44:05 EST 1994

                                 CALL FOR PAPERS

             Sixth Williams Syndrome Association National Conference

                             PROFESSIONAL CONFERENCE

                               WILLIAMS SYNDROME:
                             BUILDING BRIDGES ACROSS

                            University of California
                                  San Diego, CA
                                July 26-28, 1994


        *   Language Profiles in Williams Syndrome
        *   Cognitive Profiles in Williams Syndrome
        *   Affect and Temperament in Williams Syndrome
        *   Brain Structure and Brain Function in Williams Syndrome
        *   Molecular Biology and Genetics of Williams Syndrome
        *   Medical Concerns in Williams Syndrome
        *   Interventions/Therapies for Williams Syndrome
        *   Round Table:  Intersecting Concerns of
                          Educators, Researchers, & Clinicians

Guidelines for Submission:  Abstracts must include a concise statement of the
problem or hypothesis, procedures and analyses conducted, results obtained,
and final conclusions drawn.  Please submit only one abstract per first author.
Abstracts must be no longer than two 8 1/2 x 11 inch pages, single-spaced,
using 12-point font, and one inch margins on all sides.  Submit one
camera-ready copy with abstract title, names, and affiliations of all authors
at the top of the first page of the abstract; and six copies without names and
affiliations.  On a separate cover sheet, include the address, phone number,
FAX, and email of the first author; indicate which topic(s) the abstract
addresses.  Additionally, include the abstract on a 3 1/2 inch computer disk,
Macintosh or IBM format acceptable.  The program committee will review the
abstracts anonymously, with selection based on scientific merit, on the
representation of topics in the program, and on space/time restrictions.
* * * * Deadline for receipt of abstracts is  February 15, 1994. * * * *
Acceptance notices will be mailed about April 15, 1994.

Send Abstracts to:                          For Registration Materials:
Dr. Ursula Bellugi/Dr. Michael Rossen       WSA Professional Conference
Laboratory for Cognitive Neuroscience       UCSD Conference Services
The Salk Institute for Biological Studies   9500 Gilman Drive, Dept. 0513
10010 North Torrey Pines Road               La Jolla, California 92093-0513
La Jolla, CA 92037                          (619) 534-4220

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