Looking for info. on NDEs and Psychology

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>Hello, I am preparing a senior level class presentation on Near Death
>Experiences for my "Psychology & Religion" class and was wondering if
>anyone would be able to recommend some sources of information on the
>subject (other that the "Journal of Near Death Studies" which is not
>available in the local area) or some psychological aspects which would
>be of an interest to an Undergraduate Psychology class.
>Thanks in advance

You can probably find several people who have had them.
Back when I was a teenager and believed in PSI etc. I attempted
an ESP experment while in a lucid dream. I ended up suddenly
very confused and looking at myself from the ceiling.
The result completely blew my mind, but didn't provide
what I was looking for everything I saw was what I knew was
in the room.
I'm currently an atheist, and while I experienced some pretty
weird things looking for the supernatural I never found a scrap
of hard evidence. I think the skeptical inquirer researched NDE's
and found no evidence for actual knowledge of things beyond which
the person already knew.
This is not to say the experience doesn't exist, just that it
isn't an actual travel outside the body, but rather something
like a drug trip on some chemicals produced in the brain. My
experience with this was very powerful. 
For someone experiencing this for long enough to actually
think about things I think it could have the potential to
totally change there life, hopefully in a positive way.
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