Looking for info. on NDEs and Psychology

Charles L. Mclafferty clm3c at curry.edschool.Virginia.EDU
Sun Jan 9 13:50:42 EST 1994

GEN5021 at Husky1.StMarys.Ca  writes:
> Hello, I am preparing a senior level class presentation on Near Death
> Experiences for my "Psychology & Religion" class and was wondering if
> anyone would be able to recommend some sources of information on the
> subject (other that the "Journal of Near Death Studies" which is not
> available in the local area) or some psychological aspects which would
> be of an interest to an Undergraduate Psychology class.
> Thanks in advance
> -j

You may also want to try "A Compilation on Death" from the
teachings of the Tibetan teacher, Dwhal Kuhl. (Lucis Trust,
NYC, NY). Unfortunately, this area is a bit out of my "range of
interest" so I give you much more.
Charles McLafferty                 
UVa Dept of Ed Studies
clm3c at virginia.edu

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