Circuitry of time perception?

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Tue Jan 11 14:14:57 EST 1994

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>> 	Is anything known about the neural circuitry involved in the 
>> 	estimation or perception of time?

>> Can anyone shed light on this topic?

In as much as schizophrenia involves possible structural abnormalities and
brain short-circuitry, it might be significant that, of course, schizophrenics
suffer from time-lapses, where they lose track of hours and even days on end.

I would also point out that as people get older, time seems to go by much more
quickly.  Could it be that a "year" to a 10-year old is neurotemporally much
longer than one to a 50-year old?

Another factor to consider is entropy.  The passage of time is in fact the 
direct result of the second law of thermodynamics, and hence since the brain is
so much more ordered as the cerebrum becomes developed, it could be said that
as order increases, the perception of time slows down.
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