Circuitry of time perception?

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> > At our journal club on Monday, while discussing an article which used
> > response time as a dependent measure, the question was raised: 
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> > 	Is anything known about the neural circuitry involved in the 
> > 	estimation or perception of time?
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> > Can anyone shed light on this topic?
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> > 	-Steve
> I know of two papers showing deficits in time perception in
> cerebellar-lesioned patients one is by Steve Kiel (Keel? other?) in the
> recent past and one is in press in Brain by Grill, Hallett and others.
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Check out:

Ivry, Richard B. Timing functions of the cerebellum. (1989) J Cog Neuro _1_

Keele, Steven W., Ivry, Richard B. Does the cerebellum provide a common
computation for diverse tasks?  A timing hypothesis.  (1990)  Annals 
NYAS _608_ pp. 179-211.

Keele, S. W., Ivry, R.B. Do perception and motor production share common
timing mechanisms: A correlational analysis.  (1985)  Acta Psychologica
_60_ pp. 173-191.

Hope this is helpful.


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