how does the brain remember?

Cory M Wisnia cwisnia at
Tue Jan 11 13:17:46 EST 1994

My name is Ian Crecelius I'm 13 years old and I go to school at Mendocino 
Middle School in California. For Science class we are doing a big 
project. For this project I am researching the human brain and how it can 
remember. I am wondering what the processes of remembering something is. 
For example if I hear or see something how does that travel to the brain 
and how and where does it get stored? How can someone store a word as a 
message in the brain? And which part is that? If you have a map of the 
brain or a list of the parts of the brain and what type of information 
they store I would like it if you could send it to me with any other 
information you might have. I am also interested in how messages are sent 
along neurons.  Do you know of a good magazine article on this?

	If you have any information on my subject please send to Cory 
Wisnia at cwisnia at

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