green cultures

Felix E. Schweizer AR.FXS at
Sat Jan 15 03:26:22 EST 1994

I am culturing hippocampal neurons. They grow, or rather grew
happily in MEM supplemented with 5-10% fetal calf serum, about 4
micromolar ARA-C, transferrin and glutamine. I feed them every third
day and they look really happy after about 2 weeks. When I wanted to
feed a cell prep I had done on Tuesday I found that 5 out of twenty
dishes that looked fine yesterday, were - hold your breath - GREEN!
The cultures had a bright fluorescent green aspect to them and were
totally overgrown by a fungus like organism. I am wondering whether
anybody has ever seen their cultures turn green, bright green that
is, not just a hue. Please send replies directly to me, I will post
a compilation of answers, if any! Thanks for your help, turning
green myself...................... Felix

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