visual cortex, simulation models, neural networks (refs needed)

Geoffrey D Alperin galperin at
Sun Jan 16 23:14:57 EST 1994

pmohta at (Pervez Mohta) writes:

>Can anyone give me references (papers, books,etc..) on the

>1. explanation of the visual cortex circuitry, especially
>   at the neuronal and circuit level (not chemical level).

>2. work involving development of artificial neural networks,
>   or other approaches, for simulating the visual cortex
>  ...
I can help on point 1.  The Neurobiology class I'm currently taking uses two 
books, each of which has explanations of the visual cortex circuitry:
(In addition to retina.)  
1) From Neuron to Brain, John G Nicholls, A Robert Martin, Bruce G. Wallace,
Third Edition, 1992, Sinauer Associates.
2) Neurons and Networks, John E. Dowling, 1992, The Belknap Press of 
Harvard university Press. 
Both are pretty standard Neurobiology texts.   

-Geoff Alperin

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