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Mon Jan 17 03:51:47 EST 1994

Lisa A Bertrand (lbertran at herman.cs.uoguelph.ca) wrote:
: John K. Sakalauskas (GEN5021 at Husky1.StMarys.Ca) wrote:

: : Hello, I am preparing a senior level class presentation on Near Death
: : Experiences for my "Psychology & Religion" class and was wondering if
: : anyone would be able to recommend some sources of information on the
: : subject (other that the "Journal of Near Death Studies" which is not
: : available in the local area) or some psychological aspects which would
: : be of an interest to an Undergraduate Psychology class.
: : Thanks in advance
: : -j

: Hi John,
: 	you might want to try _Life after Life_ by Ramond Moody and
: anything by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross.  For more abstract theory you might
: find Edgar Cacey interesting.  Try looking in the new-age or psychology
: sections of book stores for titles.  Then you can order them in at your
: local library.  Good Luck in your studies.

: Blessings Be,
: Lisa

Speaking of the book Life After Life, there is a reference in that book
to Emanuel Swedenborg.  I would strongly recommend that you look up his
works.  Moody pointed out that many of the visions that Swedenborg had
are very similar to what people experience now in the Near Death
Experience.  Swedenborg, I believe, also first coined the word
"psychology" and made many original discoveries in science and anatomy,
but he is generally ignored by most religions and universities.
Swedenborg wrote on a wide range of subjects, including his visions of
heaven and hell, and the spiritual meaning of scripture.


Doug Webber

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