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Doug Webber (theodore at netcom.com) wrote:

: Speaking of the book Life After Life, there is a reference in that book
: to Emanuel Swedenborg.  I would strongly recommend that you look up his
: works.  Moody pointed out that many of the visions that Swedenborg had
: are very similar to what people experience now in the Near Death
: Experience.  Swedenborg, I believe, also first coined the word
: "psychology" and made many original discoveries in science and anatomy,

My Oxford English has 1693, Blancard's Physicians Dictionary, 2ed, as the 
first use.  Swedenborg does not appear in its listing of uses to 1879.  
In their section b., a treatise .. of psychology, the editors state that 
it was in use in the 16th century, and note Taillepied as using it as the 
'science of the apparition of spirits'.  Swedenborg does not appear here 

: but he is generally ignored by most religions and universities.
: Swedenborg wrote on a wide range of subjects, including his visions of
: heaven and hell, and the spiritual meaning of scripture.

: Sincerely,

: Doug Webber

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