NGF differentiation of PC12 cells

Lewis J Herberg skgtljh at
Wed Jan 19 09:38:53 EST 1994

klosen at (Klosen Paul) writes:

>We are having trouble to differentiate PC12 cells with NGF. So far we have
>tested four different batches of PC12 cells and NGf from 3 different
>sources. Has anyone encountered similar problems and how to solve them ????

Maybe try adding adenosine? Adenosine has been reported to act
synergistically with NGF on PC12 cells (Guroff et al 1981 
J Neurochem 37: 1431-1439). Adenosine would presumably be present
extracellularly in appreciable amounts in most preparations of 
living tissue but I wonder whether the possible range of likely
concentrations might not be sufficient to affect the rate
of differentiation.

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