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> I used to used lindscotts, and I found it quite helpfull.  Now I use a
> publication called MSRS It seems more complete that Lindscotts.  I would
> check out the MSRS before you decide  I am at home today and I don't have
> the reference.  Email me if you want more info.
> MIke Herron
> herro001 at

I completely agree with this mail. The MSRS directory is much more complete
than Lindscots for primary antibodies. Since we have found out about MSRS
we no longer use Lindscotts. The MSRS Catalog can be obtained from the
following company:

Aerie Corporation
P.O. Box 1356
Birmingham, MI 48012
Tele/Fax: 313-642-3070

P.S. I have no interest in this company other than the usefull information
I retrieve from their MSRS catalog.

Paul Klosen
Cell Biology Lab., Catholic University of Louvain
klosen at

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