Liz Lempert llempert at nyx.cs.du.edu
Thu Jan 20 16:47:16 EST 1994

I am looking for answers to the following questions and/or pointers to
sources that might contain answers to them:

- what is happening on a cellular level when a person experiences tickling

- is it true that the nerve receptors that respond to tickling are the
same ones that respond to pain? if so, what causes us to feel such
different sensations?

-what is it about feet,armpits and the sides of waists that makes them
extra sensitive to tickling?

- why can't you tickle yourself?

i am a student working on a "how-does-it-work" assignment for a science
journalism course.

please respond to llempert at nyx.cs.du.edu
thanks in advance for your help!


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