First use of T-maze?

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>Small (_Amer. J. Psychol._, 1901, _12_, 206-239) gives the first reference
>of which I am aware for the use of a maze for studying behavior in the
>rat.  Who was the first to use a T-maze?  Any leads or references will be
>appreciated.  Please email me at the address given below.  Thanks!

I really don't have any extensive materials on mazes handy, so I am
more or less posting this from memory.  I know that Yerkes used a
T-maze with the earthworm in 1912 (Yerkes, R.M. (1912)  The intelligence
of earthworms.  Journal of Animal Behavior, 2, 332-352), but that
seems rather late.  You might try the review by Dember & Fowler (Psych
Bull, 1958), but I'm not sure if it has any historical notes.

A wonderful piece on the history of the maze is Olton's article
(Olton, D.S. (1979).  Mazes, maps, and memory.  American Psychologist,
34, 583-596).

By the way, I've seen an earlier Small article:  Small, W.S. (1900).
An experimental study of the mental processes of the rat.  American
Journal of Psychology, 11, 133-165.  Also, mazes were, of course, used
with lower animals at least several years before Small's experiments.

By the way, I've 

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