How Often Do Neurons Fire ? (4 Entire Brain)

Paul H Jablonka pjablonk at
Mon Jan 24 00:26:27 EST 1994

1) Do you include 160 million retna cells all firing at once?
2) Is it enough to say that with each brain wave cycle, one file is dumped? 
3) While sitting here, I printed an 11 page paper on the fuction of 
pyramid cells.  There are probably 200 neuron types, each worth 
11 pages making a someday  book 2200 pages long, 
every bit necessary to deal with the alternative to `bistable'. 
4) There is some `analog' but it fudges brain wave frequency, decision
thresholds and the like. 
5) Asside from that, there is, in my opinion, a nontransformed info. unit 
that is not digital.   
6) I know a cell that makes no sense at all unless it has at least three
radically different `firing' modes, each associated with frequencies 
ranging from 200 a second to maybe never: `how many' may be vector valued.
7) Beware of those cartoons from expensive imaging devices that purport
to show brain activity.  The content of a file must be broadcast to 
everywhere it can be remembered so as to insure that it will arrive
where it will be remembered.  All they show are the broadcast fields. 

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