Francis Crick's book

Jody Culham culham at
Thu Jan 27 21:18:48 EST 1994

In article <2i96d6$3k7 at> <Jacques.Brisson at HEC.CA> writes:
>Does anyone has any info on the new Francis Crick's book ? What is the
>title ? What is the editor ? What is he talking about ? etc, etc, etc.

The book is called _The Astonishing Hypothesis_.  Though I just glanced at
it, I think he's refering to the hypothesis that mind and consciousness can
be reduced to brains and neurons and reviewing recent work in areas like
vision science and probably his new theories (Crick & Koch) on the role of 
thalamic activation on attention/consciousnees.  I seem to remember seeing
a review, perhaps in a recent _Science_ or _Nature_ issue, which was rather
mediocre but I can't recall the details.


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