huiewn xie hxie at
Sun Jan 30 18:01:50 EST 1994

It is well known that the terminal mitotic division marks the generation of
neurons. However, virtually nothing(to my knowledge) is known about the
underlying mechanism(s) by which the nerve cells are unable to proceed
mitosis after their birth. Similar phenomenon is also found in mature
skeletal and cardiac muscle cells. A couple of possibilities I can think of
are as follows: one is that during the terminal mitosis, the gene(s) that
are responsible for triggering the process of motosis are somehow lost,
which lead to the loss of ability to undergo further mitosis. The
alternative possibility will be that after terminal mitosis (in nerve cells)
or maturation of muscle cells, the mitotic gene(s) are somehow someway
permanently supressed. Anyways, these are just my thoughts. Now what I need
is your comments on this issue! I hope we have a good discussion. Thanks for
your attention.

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