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>I suppose it's a tad more astonishing than I'm implying:  according to the Book
>of the Month Club review, Crick does identify the anatomical location for the

Quick, call the National Enquirer and the Weekly Word News... :-)

>Can't remember where exactly he said it was, now...  an area that has
>been shown by PET scan to be differentially active when a person thinks about
>moving but doesn't actually move.  Sounds like supplementary motor cortex

He talks some about the anterior cingulate wrt consciousness and motivation;
can't remember offhand whether his discussion involved PET studies.  Other
consciousness (and, in particular, visual awareness) candidates that he mentions
are the back-projections of the visual system, the pulvinar, intralaminar, and
reticular nuclei of the thalamus, and high-frequency oscillations and
synchronised firing (these last as a solution to the Binding Problem).

Most of the book is a general-audience discussion of the visual system and
of experimental techniques, not a discussion of consciousness in particular.

(And here I always though that the soul lived in the pineal gland :-)
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