Hydrocephalus pt. w/120 IQ?

Yukiharu Hadeishi YHADEISH at biomed.med.yale.edu
Mon Jan 31 18:28:54 EST 1994

A friend of mine asked me if I knew anything about "an Englishman who had an
above average IQ and no brain."  I told him he might have been thinking about
this fellow I had heard about in a psychbio class as an undergrad--- a guy with
a 120 IQ, honors math student at some college somewhere with an abnormally
large head.  They decided to give him a CAT scan to see if there really was
something to this big brains = high intelligence, only to find that his large
head was almost entirely filled with CSF.  His ventricles had compressed his
cortex into a 1 mm thick layer, according to the prof.

Now, has this case really been documented, or is it just urban myth?  I think I
remember seeing something about this case on the 'net some months ago--- did
anybody save the post?  And did it have citations?  Any help would be greatly

Apologies for the wasted band-width, folks...

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